Joining the MLP Traders webring

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If you are currently a member of the MLP Traders webring on the Yahoo webring system, and you are here to update to the new Net Ring system, please email me with both your old id number, and the new one, thank you!

In order for me to add your site to the webring, your site must meet these qualifications:
1. The webring code must be on your page, and easy to find (either on the actual trade page, or a seperate webring page, or if you're feeling generous, both.)
2. You must have ponies for sale or trade on your webpage! It surprises me the number of sites submitted which do not meet this qualification. That is the whole point to this webring! If you do not have ponies for trade or sale on your webpage, but you want to link to this webring, please feel free to use the banner I created for this purpose.

If you have a webpage with ponies for trade or sale, it is simple to join the Traders ring. Just follow these steps:

1. Fill out the form and submit it.

2. Copy the web ring HTML fragment that appears after submitting the form, and place it on your webpage. A copy of the fragment will also be emailed to you for your convenience.

Please place the webring on your trading/sale page if at all possible. This makes it easier for those interested in trading and buying to find what you have to offer :) If you have more than one page for your list, please put it on the first page. The webring fragment must be on your page before I can admit you to the webring. The webring can also be placed on a seperate page for webrings, if that is how you have your site set up. Just please make sure the webring is easy to find, for those who want to continue through the ring!

3. Wait for a response. I will check to be sure the necessary html is on your page and admit you to the webring just as soon as I can :) If you don't add the html fragment to your page soon after joining, or want me to check your page faster, email me when your page is ready for me to be checked.