This page is under construction to say the least. But in the meantime, take a listen to this clip of a song I'm sure you've never heard. It was played in 1996 by the band Confusion? It was written by the guitarist, Travis, who also had lyrics for the song, but there was no singer at the time. He titled the song Mind to Hate. On drums was Jim (sorry, I just don't know any last names ). And on bass, not that you can hear it too well on this particular recording... lil' ol' me ;) Oh, there was also a rythym guitarist on this track, Brian, but he really didn't have much talent, and didn't do much of anything towards contributing to the song, other than slowing us down working on it with his screw ups. And heavily contributing to the break up of this band. Whatever, that's the way music goes.
Sometime sooner or later I'll get ta writin out my muscial intrests and experience, but it'll probably be later considering all the other stuff I'm workin on, so you'll have to be satisfied with this clip for now.