Enter My World

Enter my world
Where the reality is that of my mind
Play by my rules, by my concept of time, space
And face
Elation, frustration, temptation

A world of contrasts -
Light, dark,
Colors overwhelm, but the
Gray sets in -
Shades closest to black...
Death attempts to tempt
Waiting in corners,
Drinking the colors
But it's sluggish
And does not hold much power... yet

If you're invited by my choice
For perhaps the innermost gears may be revealed
But I warn you:
Enter without an invitation
From within my heart
And face damnation.

~Amanda Cook

If you want to know a part of me, read the writings below.  I relate to them in some way.  They reflect only a portion of my true self, however; what you see is a distorted image if you try to view it as a whole.  What would you know of an eagle if you saw only a tallon, a rose if you saw only a thorn?  Words are beautiful, and they can be powerful; they have helped me through some tough times.  The good parts... well, somehow I don't always seek words for that...

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